How to 2.5D projection in unreal 4 or 5?

I am trying to figure out a workflow for digital matte painting and I haven had any luck on my own research. I want to know if it is possible to link a shader to a camera for projection to create a 2.5D matte painting. any help would be really appreciated, thank you.

maya: (Maya 2019.2: 3D Matte Painting Projection - YouTube)
nuke:( How to setup a Matte Painting in Nuke - YouTube)


Did anyone ever reply to this?

Just wanted to say I’d be very interested in anyone’s ideas on this, too. I’m currently exploring ways to take a 2D video (or still, if need be) and creating a 2.5D version of it in order to feel a little parallax shift when moving the virtual camera.