How Tick Animation Even When Character OffScreen

Dear Friends at Epic,

Hi there!

When the main player character faces away from the center of another character that I am using as a skeletal mesh platform,

the animations stop playing

but I need them to keep playing so the platforms keep moving :slight_smile:

I’ve looked through animinstance.h and characer.h

What property will enable the animations to continue even if the character is technically offscreen?

I’ve looked at SkeletalMeshComponent.h

/** If true, tick anim nodes even when our Owner has not been rendered recently  */
uint32 bTickAnimationWhenNotRendered_DEPRECATED:1;

and the movement component property to update only if rendered


that doesn’t seem to be the solution :slight_smile:



Hi Nathan,

Check out the property MeshComponentUpdateFlag, which replaces the deprecated flag that you found. You can set it to SMU_AlwaysTickPose if you just want notifies, or SMU_AlwaysTickPoseAndRefreshBones if you want accurate bone positions as well.

Michael Noland


Thanks Michael!

I created a tutorial based on your fabulous input for the Community



Looks like MeshComponentUpdateFlag is now deprecated. It’s replaced by VisibilityBasedAnimTickOption. I was able to get offscreen characters to perform montages by setting it to:

= EVisibilityBasedAnimTickOption::AlwaysTickPoseAndRefreshBones;