How the 'Dormant' setting works in replication?


It is unclear for me how the Dormant system works in replication. When replicate actor, you have possibility to set this value. There are these settings:
Dormant all,
Dormant Partial,

What I undestrand, if the actor is Dormant, the replication system is disabled for that actor. Epic said, that Fortnite used lot of ‘Initial’ setting, so the replication was disabled by default and they needed to activate seperately with flush command when player interacted with them. What I don’t undestand is what the setting like ‘Dormant All’ means. Tooltip says that “Actor wants to go full dormant”. So when does the actor goes to dormant?

And what about ‘Dormant Partial’. Tooltip says “May wan’t to go dormant for some connections”, player needs to seperately check if the actor is dormant. When does the actor want to go dormant for specific client and why? What defines it? The original setting ‘Awake’ says that “Can go dormant, but not in dormant by default, code decided”. Is that code something that runs under the hood?

Please, enlighten me about that setting. What else can we do with dormant? Thank you very much.