How texturing an imported model?

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easy example: I’m modeling a building (4 walls + roof) in 3ds Max. Now I import it as .fbx into my UE project. Now I want to texturing it… but all I can do is selecting the whole building and assign ONE material to the whole model. But how I can select single faces of my building to give different materals to walls, roof, etc.?


Before export your model to UE4, you need add textures, materials and unwrap UVs of your model in 3DS MAX. This is several tutorials about pipeline using UE4 and 3DS MAX .

So that means: Theres no reasonable possibility in UE4 itselfe for texturing imported models, right?
If I want to model something in an extern application, I HAVE to unwrap and texturing it there…?

In 3DS you should only have to specify which surfaces you want to have a different material, you can make or use all your materials in UE4 if you want (what I normally do).

I’m a Modo user so I don’t know your exact workflow but from a google search it looks like “Multi/-Sub-Object Materials” might be what you’re after:
link text

In 3DS just assign whichever surfaces you want to have different materials (you don’t have to actually make the material) and then when you import your mesh you will see multiple ‘slots’ for you to drop in different materials in the details panel for your mesh.