How should I create and texture floors?

First time working with UE4 and I’m wondering how should I do floors in my scene. I have this really wide open area, think of it like a hall. I want it to have stone floor, with some dirt, cracks, water… you know. Maybe some different stone trims to break the repetition.

Should I create really big plane inside UE4 and add stone floor material to it and then vertex paint it. What if I want to use two different textures, how do I separate them if I create one big plane?
Or do I build smaller modular pieces inside 3D modeling software and combine them to make a floor?
Which is more used technique in game development?

I’m happy to accept any links to any tutorials. I tried to search for it, but I guess people find creating floors pretty boring! Only could find really basic level floors with one object or forest scenes. Not this kind, a bit more advanced tutorial of indoor scenes. Thank you for all the help!

It’s really up to you, there’s no fixed method. Things that spring to mind are:

  1. Make the floor out of tile meshes. An indoor floor usually would be made this way anyway, so why not do that?

  2. Use one big mesh and vertex paint it with various textures

  3. Use and landscape. They don’t have to be outside. You can have more than one landscape in any map. You can put various indoor textures in the landscape material

Something of note though, if you intend to use static lighting, don’t use zero thickness or single sided planes. Always give it depth.