How shall I make a river?

I search for a river tool in documentation and editor and couldn`t find anything.
Is it possible at all to add rivers to the level?

Unfortunately there is no river tool. You have to create your own meshes (in a 3d program) or landscape splines -> after that add a river material to it :slight_smile:
In UDK (UE3) you can find a good example.

Will I have to add something like physic volume and postprocess volume in addition for water еffects?
Lookes so.
Guess, there is no possibility to place river with vertical angle changinging by its length.
OMG! So wonderfull game engine and so stupid limitation and discomfort it has. :confused:

P.S. For example, such old engine as Torque 3d has fantastic rivertool.

Yep, it’s strange that there is no river tool, but open a thread in the feedback forum so that people can vote for it -> but it shouldnt be a problem to do it with the spline tool :slight_smile:

Thank you for answers/

Can`t find a thread with voting…

Just open a new one, then people can post their opinion into it :slight_smile:

There’s also no ocean tool, or lake tool. Its really not that difficult, doesn’t require a separate tool at all.

A static mesh and two volumes… Hell, if you dont even want to be able to swim it in it you can get away with just a static mesh.

Have you ever used river tool in CE3?
You dont need to waste your time for placing two volumes, you dont need waste your time for transforming terrain. it is done by pressing several buttons after you have placed spline. And all options for settins are in your hands, f.e. stream settings, foam settings.


In Torque 3d possiblities are very close, except manual transforming terrain. BUT you can move every knot of spline in 3 dimensions and river matterial will follow it. For my level it is extremely essential.


What I`m talking about. I would have in UE4 rivertool like in CE3 but with knot following river materal as in Torque 3d.

P.s. started new thread in feedback forume https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?63228-RiverTool

CE3 is a glorified Crysis map editor. Unless everyone is making outdoor scenes with rivers, there’s little point wasting time on functionality a vast number of people aren’t ever going to use.

Unreal gives you the tools to make what you need - you just have to use a little imagination and reading to make it happen.

Here is a basic River Spline tool I created a while back, feel free to try it out!


Thanks a lot! I`ll try to use it soon

cry engine river tool isn’t/wasn’t all that. It could not do slopes so you can’t even flow river down hill. It supported rotation but then you get 1 rotation of a huge plane, meh it took a lot to get that to work.

You can use the road tool for rivers, you can make your own mesh, you can use the landscape plane for water, you can go to the community project and get a lot of features, but every one of them will take effort to get implemented, not just a simple solution.

Like they all said, you can make a river with the landscape spline tool really easy, just set your points and then select all segments and add an element (static plane or something) then add another element for the river material. Super easy.

The only problem I have, and am facing with UE4 at the moment, is buoyancy and underwater on the river. It’s not so much a problem on a flat river, but on a river that slopes down there is no buoyancy or underwater solution that I can find :frowning:

I would like to see something like different river materials in the marketplace, but actually I never saw any good looking river material in UE4… And unfortunately even Epic in the Kite Demo has not created a nice tessellated river material but just a very calm river with no movement at all. :frowning:

That’s because it was a lake and not a river. Have you tried making a river material?

Wasn’t the boy walking over a ford across the river? :confused: If this would be a lake it’s a quiet flat lake…

No I have not tried making a river material since all I can do in the material editor is plug a texture and a normal map in and set the specularity and metallic values with constants :wink:

There are some good river material setups for UDK -> you can easily recreate them in the UE4 :slight_smile:

Cryengine it’s a beast to create landscapes.
In two days I was able to create a forest with free assets.
Globally EU4 has the better GUI but the terrain editor is not the best tool.
VUE is a good example from where to start the best rt terrain-landscape editor.


yes you could - you had to use the water volume instead of the river-tool.

a river-tool with underwater effect is something really basic a game-engine like ue4 should have.

I’m not saying I don’t want water volumes in UE4 it’d be to have anything. But what did you mean yes you could, could what? could make water easily with volumes that work out of the box when making a 1st person game? yes, it gave you a lot to start with in that regard. I meant the water surface mesh doesn’t bend in the vertical axis, so you’d have to make lots of river objects and for every change in slope manually rotate them and hide the two planes connecting with like rocks with particle splashes, but it not super elegant.

I was only saying it wasn’t like the cure all and had its own issues. I’m also surprised when I enter water in any UE4 demo and I don’t at least float, so “should” it have it? Yeah, I think so