How resource-intensive is the collision?

This is the first time I’m starting to work with custom props and I haven’t encountered collision before. How resource-intensive is it? Is it worth saving time and using Convex Decomposition? What are the best settings to use Convex Decomposition? Is it worth the time to adjust the collision with a simple box?

I think you need to think about a few things.

  • How much will that asset be used in the game?
  • Will it be in an area where players are on it a long time?
  • Will it be duplicated many times?
  • How important is it for the collisions to be very smooth or work in a specific way?

I have found that I usually get better results if I create my own custom collisions in my 3d app or just use some basic box collisions in uefn in the mesh tab. And if my mesh is pretty close to being a cuboid I almost always just use a simple box collision on it. But if that asset isn’t going to be that important it may not be worth your time to do that. I think every mesh, every map, and every use case will be different.

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