How replication MAP values

He all, on my project a have logic create around map values, but it work correct onlu in singel game. In server-client I need set replication, but this value dose’t support it. I find same post in this сommunity:

Can anyone help with this problem?

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sorry about my english


Maps currently not supported to be replicated through unreal networking with current engine version (4.18)
Maybe one time epic will add that, but you should use tarrays if you wanna replicate those structs


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Thank! I find way change my logic, I use multicast event.

I know this is an old post. But for future reference, if you create a structure and put the map in there, and then replicate the struct, it’ll work. I’m using this for my project, and it seems to work perfectly without issues.

I understand that it was a long time ago, but even now I found this topic and you helped me. Thank you!)

No problem, I will warn you though. While it did work for me, suddenly it is not working anymore. Out of no where it isn’t replicating, so I am now having to use 2 arrays in a custom structure. I am essentially making my own Map Variable and hand coding it’d functions.