How pubg terrain was made

Im not talking about the heightmap but the roads and the buildings i mean its imposible to place buildings one by one that will take a lot of time its like procedural or something so i just wanted to know the method that generated all those building and bases and roads

There are ways to create Maps Procedurally or Partialy Procedural. But if I had to guess the base Landscape was made via World Machine and imported. Everything else Handplaced with simple Procedural Building generators that automaticly give you some variations + Handmade touchups for a more individual look. You got Road tools inside the Engine, you got Procedural Folliage inside the Engine. (google it up not hard to find)

The Map does not look like there was much Procedural Stuff going on.

You can use heightmaps to do it. If you are into Unreal, you can check out my YouTube channel Gamium Gamers.
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You can comment on my video, and I’ll show you.

now this is what i got so far its not bad right ?? still missing some roads and buildings and everything will be good
im trying to make a BP or a code for the procedural but if there is any plugin or tutorial send it to me and thanks

if you are in search of a proper road tutorial you can check my channel, i have one tutorial for it. By the way i will make the tutorial you ask for if you subscribe and comment. My channel is named Gamium Gamers, you can find it on YouTube