HOW: Player creating Craters in World Heightmap/Mat

This is my first post :slight_smile: I’m currently working on a game where you play a Dragon. The gameplay isn’t really there yet, I’m just getting the world and basic components set up.

I made the Dragon do a ground slam and I’m looking to get deformation in the world at the hit location. I’m guessing either I’d spawn in a normal or mesh. I dont think decals would work well enough.
An Example!!!

This guy does exactly what I want. You can see at 0:22 and around 0:57, his craters even meld into eachother, really cool!

Any ideas?

Thanks a million!

I’m not sure but i think it’s only a normal or a mesh with normal to give the illusion of a crater. As I know is not possible to natively modify the landscape in runtime.

Or a decal with POM material could maybe do that ? (Because in the video the impact disappears like a decal)

Edit : POM material :

Thanks Noblex and Fen. It’s good to know that I can’t actually modify the landscape in runtime. I’ll look into a decal with POM. You’re right Fen, I was stopping every frame now and I see that it’s projecting a crater onto another one.