How much should I pay a programmer?

Hi, I’m getting ready to create a free-ware game, and I want to pay money for a programmer in the future once the game is fully set up.
I’m new to game development and I’m not sure how much I should pay for a programmer (I’m more of a 3D modeler).

The game details are that it’s a simple 3rd person, turn-based rpg that is about 18 hours long.

Also I tried creating my own statistics and damage formula for the game but it proved unsuccessful so I may ask for someone to help me and pay for that too (So how much extra money would I pay if a programmer
is willing to create statistics of each enemy/player party member, or how much would I pay an individual to create a statistic for it?)

It can vary a lot based on the experience and over all capability of the programmer. An experienced professional enterprise developer cost from $100 per hour, but you tend to make a bit less in the gaming industry. A hobby games developer can be considerably cheaper, but it can be a lot of work finding reliable people. No matter what, if you intend to pay someone to make all the coding in the game be ready to hand over a heafty sum.

Just to add to this. It depends on the level of the person. A $100 an hour person equates to a $200,000 a year salary for a full-time coder. This is an extremely high-level person and there are not too many of those jobs. There is even a smaller group above this one.

You can hire entry level grads who are eager to get experience, want to work on your project and have solid skills for $15 to $20 an hour in the US. Overseas developers vary widely as well. You can find people in the $5 to $15 range depending on the country and cost of living. Full-time positions are usually in the $40K range with benefits, vacation, holiday, etc. for entry level coders. Unless they are total super stars.

Try Upwork for an idea of cost from people who consult full-time.

That 100 USD per hour is what you pay a consultancy firm, the actual developer will most likely see a third of it.

Of curse, that is why I wrote “cost” and not “earn”. But I can see how the “make a bit less” is a bit confusing. I should have typed “cost a bit less”.