How much of the LPV and Distance Field features work on the Rift right now?

I did a few tests in UE 4.5 and it seemed like LPVs were working, and perhaps even the distance field ray traced shadows, but not AO. Is that right? It’s a bit hard to tell sometimes.

I haven’t tested those features in 4.5 yet, but I did test the new screenSpace skin shader, and that seems to be broken in VR for the time being.

The editor crashes for me if I have LPV enabled and the Rift on. Doesn’t crash if the Rift is turned off.

I’ve already posted a bug, but I hope it gets resolved at some point because LPVs are really nice and pretty useful in a few cases for me.

It seems to work in 4.5 - even the distance field raytraced shadows work. The distance field AO doesn’t, though (just off completely with stereo on).

Still crashes for me in 4.5 with the Rift turned on. It’s something to do with OVRDisplay64.dll accessing something in nvwgf2umx.dll. I’m excited though, LPV looks great when I turn it on without the Rift, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks in stereo!

LPVs no longer crash the engine with the 4.6 Preview, but now I am only getting the LPV rendering in the left eye.