How much do character modellers cost?

Sounds like a silly question, but it’s the first time I’ve seriously thought about hiring somebody to model, rig and animate a 3D playable character for me. I suck pretty badly at character modelling so have reached the stage of desperation/frustration that perhaps only money might solve. :wink: The thing is I have no idea how much these jobs usually cost, in fact I don’t really even know the standard considered for looking/offering.

It would be a cartoonish style, pretty simple with standard platforming kind of animations. I’d rather pay a flat rate rather than royalty-based because the game I’m making is just a personal project that would be released for free.

By the way I thought I’d post my question here first rather than the “Looking for…” forum so as not to distract from the genuine advertisements, so I apologise if I have posted in the wrong forum area.

An average real professional will charge you no less than 3000$(at least) for a complete AAA character, rigged, animated, textured.
But you won’t find any of these guys for hire on the internet. They are always very busy working for the biggest companies.

You can find some almost as good as those, they’ll tell you they are AAA quality but they never actually will be able to achieve such level, or else they would be very well employed and wouldn’t have any free time to freelance.

I would recommened to create a post here:


There are character artists that are much cheaper than 3000$. Price varies with quality.

If i was you Banshee i would think about how much i can spend on character, what quality is bare minimum, got some concept art. Then I would make nice post (from template) and just give clear requirements and how much i am willing to pay for it.
All because price will wary with quality that you demand and with artstyle of character. For eg. some robots in flat armor would be much cheaper than more organic model that you want to have with bouncy physics and physics materials.

No. Professional will charge 3000 for just character. Without rigging and animations (;.

Take a look at the “Got skills…” section -> there you can find some 3d artist and when you contact them they can say you a price, because as already mentioned, it also depends on the type of mesh,… :smiley:

OK, thanks for all the great feedback guys. I guess once I have something more to show design and level wise then I’ll make a post in the got skills section. =)

sorry to bump, but i have question.

what the assumable price of UE character price in marketplace ?

i want to sell a load of character. so i need reference.

i make A class character. with PBR , and LOD (vertex and texture) character.


i tried to try sell around 10 - 15

Now is a proper necro, goes back to the early days of UE4! It’s not a problem, just giving you a hard time :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d take a look through the current characters available on marketplace to see how similar characters are priced:

Couple of things that will usually increase your sales are:

  • Materials are easy to customize using material instances and exposed parameters
  • Modular clothing, as in different styles to choose from if the clothing is not part of the base character model
  • Animations, even if they aren’t custom make sure you have the basic idle/walk/run/jump animations from the ThirdPersonCharacter project retargeted to your character so they can see your character in action
  • On that note, make sure to add a demo map and character/animation blueprints to the pack so users can test it out right away

But in general for marketplace items you have to decide which is better; selling more items at a lower price, or less items at a higher price. The barrier for entry into UE4 is quite low so an asset priced low enough for hobbyists to purchase could end up gaining you more money than relying on a lower number of indie developers to purchase it at a higher price.

It’s a delicate balance to get the price right, but so long as you stick within the range of prices currently on competing products to yours you should do well.

Make sure you are following the Marketplace Guidelines for skeletal meshes which states:

Hope that helps!

EDIT: If you still aren’t sure how to price it, create a thread in the Marketplace sub-forum using the Work In Progress prefix and add a few images and details on your work, then ask people how much they would be willing to pay. You can get some really good feedback that might make your assets even better, as well as find out how much people are willing to spend on it.

In reality, not their fantasies or how they are forcing false info, you will find them working for 2usd an hour or less in uk on freelance websites
Because job is global and outsorcable, learning curve is easy, you work from home, use a lot of free reference templates, tools and do not require educarion, even a 10 yo can do it, entrance level is extremely low, competition is giantic, market places are gettibg bigger every day, “job” is going to disappeae within next 5 years

@Dudester01, could you provide some links to these websites of freelancing 10 year olds that charge 2 USD an hour? If that is the case, I have a lot of characters that need to be made…