How Many Triangles Is Too Many?

This question has probably been beaten to death, but I can’t really find consistent answers, some saying 20k-35k, others saying 200k is fine, etc. A lot of the answers come with nuance as it “depends” on what the game is setting out to do.

My case: Nanite is being used on the environment meshes and static object meshes. The character models will obviously not have nanite (fingers crossed UE5.4 will introduce this). The game itself isn’t low poly but not even trying to be “AAA” quality assets, I just make my assets look nicely from as close as I expect the player to see them from. The main character in the game, which the player always controls, I have spent extra time refining and detailing, which right now it is at 230k triangles and I only have the arms/hands left to model. So it will likely reach 280k at the end. Enemy character meshes on the other hand range from 13k to 35k.

For reference for the style of game I am making, it is quite similar to Pikmin. So lots of friendly character meshes (up to 100 or maybe 200), likely in the range of 10k-20k tri’s each, a few enemy character meshes, the player character, and then just environment/object meshes.

Would my case generally be fine? Or should I reduce triangle count even more, and which meshes?