How many triangles is appropriate for a FPS skeletal mesh on iphone4/5/6 ?

Hi friends:
Currently our modeler just gave me a very detailed first-played warrior mesh with 90000 polygons(150000 triangles after triangulation)! And I’ve skined it, and animiated it in maya, then imported those skeletal meshs and anims into UE4.4.3. Currently on my Mac, the program runns pretty fast in PIE mode, while since PIE mode in UE4 has been so smart to adapt your computer’s performance… But I really wonder if an iphone, let’s just say, iphone5, can it render all those triangles in real time? I think it will be crazy…As Michael Noland has montioned in this thread:

" it is rare to end up vertex bound on iOS (shadowing skinned meshes can be, but static geometry will probably never be bottlenecked here)."

I haven’t got it test on iphone yet (haven’t got the test phone yet), can someone (Michael, help!) tell me,

1 typically on iphone5, how many polygons should be good for a FPS style skeletal mesh?
2 If I have to render all of those triangles, what kind of optimization should I use?
3 How did the PIE mode runs so fast? how do I apply the same optimiazation it uses in production (even it will decrease render quality…)?


btw you can see a snapshot for this skeletal mesh, it is a samurai.


90000??? Whoa! I think that may be a bit too much detail for a FPS on any platform… I think you will find that if your modeler keeps on supplying such detailed meshes it will not run very smoothly on the iphone… for mobile platforms less is better.

Yeah thats ALOT of verts. on iPhone 4S you would want LODS ranging from 2000 to 15000 max. Obviously this scales up with the 5S and the 6 but still maybe a LOD0 of 20-25K at tops.

Not to post a new topic, but what the recommended Tris then for tablets say Ipad air?

Hi, I just read the docs said that 2^16 is the hard limit of number of vertices…Jesus…I’ll have to reduce the mesh, even worse, the character contains 120 joints…I’ll have to redo all anims too…

Wow, 120 joints is pretty high too. 60 or less is good, again with LODs remove fingers etc. like have LOD1 only have a single finger (for all of them) and a thumb, then LOD2 drop to just a hand joint maybe etc.