How many player controllers can I use at once?

From what I understand you can use as many as you want, but they can only control one pawn at a time. Depending it may be better to use parent/child instances of your PlayerCharacter Pawn, I only say this because I can’t really think of a reason for another controller needing different functionality, unlike AI where you might have one controller that will need a PawnSense component for combat or EQS, and another without because it’s going to be a quest giver or store keeper.

But answer to your question, you can have as many controllers as you like, but a Pawn can only reference one at a time (Don’t think there is any script to be able to change them at run-time).

Take what I said with a grain of salt, I’ve only been working around them for about a month now.

So I have two players set up in split screen multiplayer, both controlling fine. Problem is they fight for respawn points so I figured I would many a player controller BP for player 2. Does this work or do I have to use one for the whole level? I can’t find where I would assign another Player controller.

Thanks for any help!

How can I set another pawn to use a different player controller? All I can find is setting the PC in the world settings and that seems to be universal

Hmmm… Most of my work in BP has been with AI so I assumed the same would apply with Character Classes, alas there is only an option for AI controllers.

Only way I know of changing Player Controllers is through the GameMode class, but it’s only single-use/universal :\

These articles might be of helpful:

Sorry I won’t be of any more use to you :\