How make my mesh emitter particle system to spawn particles according to player orientation?

Hello everyone im new to cascade and the particle systems, so apologise in advance if this is a really noob question !

im doing a FPS game and basically im looking for the “shell flying off the gun” effect, I got it pretty much ready with exeption to 2 details that I need help:

1 my mesh emitter is always facing the same way ! im using my particle system as a notifiy on a weapon shooting animation, the moment I hit play and fire my gun the particle plays and shell mesh ejects as it should but it faces always the same direction, so if my character while playing turns 90 degrees and shoots the particle still plays like if it was facing forward. question is how do I make the particle initial orientation to be according to the player view? or the mesh the socket that spawns it or whichever way is better? also I notice a slight delay on the emitter even though I have it set to instant and my notifiy is right on the beginning of the timeline of the shooting animation…

please enlight me guys thank a million