How Load Specific .umaps in Packaged Game from C++?

Dear Friends at Epic,


A Packaged game that is for the public.

In development many maps were created in Content/Maps/SpecialMaps


I need to be able to access and load specific .umaps from the SpecialMaps directory, AFTER the game has been packaged.

What is the C++ to do this?


Is it like this?

FPaths::ContentDir() + FString("Maps/") + FString("SpecialMaps") + FString("Some.umap")

I need the file path of the map so I can load it when I Want to, not using streaming volumes


Does this work at all:

FString projectDir = FPaths:::GameContentDir();
projectDir += "Maps/SpecialMaps/Some.umap";

Hi . From looking at another question you posted recently, it seems like you may have resolved this issue. Is that correct? Would you mind explaining how you accomplished this if you were able to solve it?

I still have to package my game and see if Dune’s answer will work.

thanks !

I will mark this as answered unless my testing shows otherwise

Thanks Dune and !