How is singlelayerwater used?

This shading model comes with only 1 video on youtube advertising a water shader with no info on how to use it, completely un-mentioned in documentation, and it has only been mentioned in forums 3 times as far as i know, no luck there. The singlelayerwater input doesnt help either.

I can’t find that vid. Why not just use:

It’s free…

Because im curious. I dont need fancy water at all, and wont use it anytime soon, but, it can’t hurt to know

Curious is good, and nothing will get you more curious like pulling apart a serious piece of kit like that water. It’s a little bit dated now, but still very useable.

I’m curious about it too, and also the shallow water plugin that can be found in physics section, google didn’t give me infos, I tried to enable it and see if I could found any class or something, without success.

as far as I understood at the time of release, it’s a shading model that essentially does back-face culling correctly on it’s own when you apply Gerstner or whatever other way to power the offset.
However, like most if not all, after spending a month on making decent water from scratch I don’t particularly feel like going through and checking if the shader model is any better.