How import model from Cinema 4D in pieces?

I want to import model from Cinema 4D, which contains a lot of parts and materials for each one. How can I import a final model to UE4 and apply necessary materials to necessary parts? Or I should import each part of my model and solve them in blueprint?

hi avegames.
well, game engines like UE don’t work the same way, if you have 1 object made of plenty of parts, you’d better merge them, as 1 object will make 1 draw call, having plenty of sub objects can result in big performance lost.
you should take a look at the scifi hallway exemple map on the market, lots of mat informations on how complex meshes and materials are managed in UE4 .

If I want to make a character with shining eyes, I should use 2 materials (one with enabled emissve color), What should I do in this case?

you can achieve this with only 1 mat. just using rgb mask and maybe 2 uv channels. in the sci fi hallway exemple you have a good exemple to achieve that (the wall with emissive)