How i set the Text Render Visibility in blueprint to on ?

How i set the Text Render Visibility in blueprint to on ?

In my blueprint, i have a sequence of events, and at the end of all events, i need to set visibility of Text Render to OFF, and next to set visibility of Text Render_Final to ON.

The first sequence, works, The second (Text Render_FInal), no.

I set the option “Visible” on the “Details” of Text Render_Final (Rendering) in components Tab, to False, because i don´t want to see the Text Render 2 visible in game before the first Text Render dissapear.

See the printscreen below:

Anybody know how to do that ?

Any shot ? I´ve been working on that blueprint on the last 4 hours and get stuck on this…I´m already try the “GAte” node, but no ideia on how to set up

Hello , everybody! I try a couple of solutions, and i think i get a part of solution.

What happens: The player go to elevator door and need to unlock the door using the Keypad (tks Erasio for the Keypad).

When the player type the correct password in the keypad (6789) the door open, the Text Render dissapear, and show the Text Render_Final, showing “Acess Granted” . So far, so good.

Now, the problem: if the player , for some reason, try to retype the password, and exit from the play mode, i get this error:

There is my blueprint:

And there is my Video in-game


I try ti “destroy” TextRender, but did not work too. Any suggestion?

I´m stuck on this :frowning:

I´m keep trying to found a solution…no sucess!

First of all. Please don’t bump question that are unanswered less than 4 days.

So your problem. Inside your KeyPad Blueprint, there should be a place where you use “SetText” in combination with the variable “TextRenderer”. Accessed None means, that the Variable is empty and has no Text Renderer Actor in it.

Search for the place where you set the text. You need to fill it with a TextRenderer first. Also make sure that you don’t set it to NULL somewhere. It seems like your are setting it to NULL (empty) before you Set the Visibility of the Final Textrenderer.

You are a genius ! Found it and fixed it !

Thanks alot and sorry for the bump!