how I can use decals on mobile?

On this version it´s being said that decals are available on mobile. I tried on IOS and it was imposible to render even when a tried the different decals type. do i have to change some code somewhere?

thank you

Hello Carluw,

In order for me to understand this issue better I would like some more information from you.

1.) Are you playing in mobile preview or launching to the IOS device?
2.) What version of the IOS device are you using?

Currently there is an issue with decals not rendering on movable static meshes. On mobile we expect the flag mainly be used to prevent static decals projecting onto players. For rendering reasons on mobile we only support the receives decal flag for dynamic/movable actors.

This issue has been resolved but will not be present in 4.10. We hope to see this in 4.11.

Hi ,

  1. I,m launching to the IOS device.

  2. Version 8.1 IPAD2.

Already tried to make it on movable actor. So, do I need to use recient IOS versions? And, if you know it: are decals expensive on mobile? Or as expensive has movable light?

Well, I glad to hearing that you are working on it. Decals can spare a lot of time in developing.

Thanks a lot!

If you can find a version of IOS that this does work on I would stick with it. Decals are not as expensive as movable lights but can be expensive if a large number are used. Decals require a lit surface to cast light so they require an extra calculation in order to be used. One calculation for whether or not they are on a lit surface, and one to be called on screen.