How i can swap certain parts of the body

I want to ask if someone can explain me, how i can swap parts of the body which are useing same skeleton mesh.
For example: want to wear boots on my character but i dont want attach mesh to main body, but replace leg mesh with leg mesh that have boots geometry. Most important is to save some memory and still have one layer of polygons which is less stress.
I saw some ‘modular pawn’ tutorials that changing body parts of character ( its only color but its a 3d mesh also) but i am not sure if the main body disapears but stays in memory or it is swaped.
Sory for my english , hopefully you got an idea its nothing new.
I was asking some guy and he told me that i should use ‘set mesh’.
Ho to for achiev that goal in BP?
thank you for your time

There are a few ways you can achieve this. But most commonly, characters are constructed with multiple skeletal meshes making up the body parts and those meshes all share the same skeleton. In the character’s blueprint you would have variables that would contain the value of skeletal mesh for those bodies and have a skeletal mesh component for each of them.

They would need to share the same animation data and state so you would need to assign a master pose:

but these body parts added in BP firstly ? No transform changed?

Since they all have to use the same skeleton, no transform would be changed. The parts would be skinned to the same skeleton which is why you can set the master pose component to “Mesh”

Is there a step-by-step tutorial or video that can help explain how to achieve this?

Maybe this helps?