How I can setup PlayerController for network?

Hi! I’m noobish in networking stuff, so, I have a problem and hope somebody can help me :slight_smile: I want to create basic top down shooter with several players. I have the following setup of the PlayerController to handle basic movements:

It is totally working on single player. But when I setup the 2 players I receive some error messages. It is moving after receiving this messages. But what it is?

I have Camera in my Character blueprint and movement input setup there as well.

If you just get a few errors and then it works fine, it means that the input is trying to be processed while the character is being set up and a pawn does not yet exist.

You can clean this up by adding some IsValid nodes to check and make sure your Get Controlled Pawn is returning an actual pawn before using it (and branching to a dead end if it isn’t).

Thank you, I’ve already done the isValid stuff!