how i can change texture scale and coordinates of my mesh shape ( cube or plane)

The main question is, how i can change texture scale and coordinates of my mesh shape ( cube or plane), if shape using UV, but not changing UV in modelling?

And the second is, how i can change it from BluePrint squares?

By default my shape using:


But I need that i can select any of squares in material.



I can made 9 different materials but how i can select specific coordinates from one texture?

I don’t wanna change mesh UV’s i just wanna select specific coordinates.

If anyone can help me will be great! Thanks!

Hey Vector -

I believe this is the setup you would want to use:

And here is an example of the controller working:

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thank you very much!!!

This is a best solution!!! You are awesome!!!

And if you add Divide to number of how many boxes you have, you can add more accuraty, a especially if you wanna to change it dynamically and big numbers of blocks.

I know, i miss “m” I will fix it!

And i found some solution in Black Jack example (cards material) but your is more clear for me and easy!!!

Thank You one more time!!!

Hello Eric! Sorry to bother you while you are working on my bug fix, but I am having a probelm with your setup. (I am also using Vector’s Divide by BlockAmount addition) It works fabulously, until I get to 5x5, then the indexes start to mess up, 0-1 are the same, 5-6 same, 11-12, 15-16, 18-19, 20-21, 22-23.
I have added a few things, and my material is unlit, and 2-sided. Attached is my material setup! :slight_smile: If you need any more info, feel free to ask!

Are you using a power of two texture?


Ok, I was not using power of 2, however, I used the pad option in the texture editor to make it a power of 2, but index 18-19 are still the same, (its hard to tell for the others, since its mostly black now) and what would I need to add/change to make the material work with non-powers of 2?

You wouldn’t. The Material setup above uses the fact that Textures are associated with a even 0-1 UV set (hence power of two) to determine where the UV is supposed to scale and focus. You can offset the U from the V in your texture so you end up with a texture that is 2048 x 512 but you must be able to evenly divide the texture by a set amount within the 0-1 range of the U or V.

Eric Ketchum