How I can Add Struct to Custom Details Panel(Slate Layout)

I create a custom details panel and I have 2 questions:

  1. How to add structure slate to my custom panel in a vertical box?
  2. notice the Screen Name variable. This is a localized FText. But after sending the property to SProperty. The shell has no functionality for localization. How can this be corrected?

Can you explain question 1 more? Isn’t “For Human Only” widget a struct property?

As for 2nd question, localization will only work if there any localization for the string, LOCTEXT only assigns id for string, if there no localization it will use fallback string you set in 2nd argument. But if you really want to turn localization off instead of LOCTEXT use FText::FromString(TEXT("Text here"))

  1. No, EQUIPMENT Struct in left Top on screen. (For Human Only is not struct)
  2. I wanna see it in my Slate variable “Screen Name”.


Without Customization it’s Work.
Maybe I need something else instead of SProperty