How I apply multiple materials on a static mesh?

Hi, i was wondering how i can apply multiple materials on the same mesh.
So lets say, i have 1 static mesh with 10 materials on it. Each material have only a simple texture for the base color. So what i wanna do is, add a multiply with a parameter to control the level of the base color for it. No problem for 1 material - but if i have 10 or more materials, i must do it for every each like open, add multiply, connect them, save, apply → next…

This takes a very long time for all materials. Is there another way to assign the changes for each material in one way and save (and apply) all materials?

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Read about material instance.

Assuming you are using one material with parameter(s) and texture which are same you can make one material and just change parameters.

What you are describing would probably be best solved with a ‘Material Parameter Collection.’ This is a central parameter list that you can share with any material. This way, you can just change the shared parameter and all the materials will update whether they are an instance or not.

You may also like the new material layer workflow introduced in 4.19, which would makes it possible for you to work with ten materials in one place, and turn 10 draw calls into 1.