How hide other players?

Hi guys,
My game is a multiplayer and there’s a specific part of the map i want the player see only his character. The others will be “invisible” to him while he stays there, so when he comes out they become visible again to him.
You guys know any function i can use to make that?


Sometimes you just have to love Unreal

There is a setting already on the skeletal mesh of the character “Only Owner See” set it to true and you are invisible to all other players.

Also added it to my small example projects on github if you want to take a look.
[GitHub Repo][2]

Hi Lardo! Thanks for the answer, i don’t know why yet, but i tried this option yesterday and i was testing the game with my friend and was’t working, i will try again using your example :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

maybe you didn’t multicast the setting on all player characters for all players

bOnlyOwnerSee is not replicated by itself, so you have to set it for every client with a multicast

@GuaiamuStudio any luck?

Thanks a lot for the help @Lardo Deepdelver, everthing worked fine, you where right i was not doing a multicast. Thanks a lot!!