How get tutorial for transform meshes in playable car?

  • I have put a car in my content with relative asset folders for meshes (body, tires, etc…), materials, surfaces, etc…
  • Now, I need a very simple quick tutorial, in order to how make it basic gamable: accel, turn L&R … since I’m a designer and not programmer I need a very basic, clear and simple tutorial, with actions step-by-step… very basic.
    Any-one knows where can i discover this workflow?
    Many thanks

Hey there @anonymous_user_6867fdaf! Good news, I have a simple tutorial to set up a custom chaos vehicle from start to finish. That said the tutorial does assume you already have the vehicle’s model ready and to have it rigged for chaos, which means the body should be pointed forward in X, and the wheels require bones as well. The bad news comes if you don’t have a vehicle ready for it, you’ll need a little bit of rigging experience to get it ready for chaos. If that’s the case, let me know and I can find a tutorial for blender as well. Hope this helps!

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Wow, many thanks dear!
Your words is already helping me to understand that need a “first part” which I didn’t know … and this is very helpfull.
Well since I’m still using 3dMax, I’ll try to juggle my self among some tutorial in order to reproduce same workflow in Max … after this I’ll return here to complete all using tutorial you suggest me.
Many very thanks for now! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately something doesn’t match between this tutorial and my UE5 … I made it 3 times following all step-by-step (my car perfectly made, rigged and exported …helping with others tutorials) … everything seems match, I do every step as tutorial say… even so, my car stay freezed in the air, wheels too don’t move and don’t rotate… just camera mouse-axis rotation works.
And, Yes, I activate “Symulate Physics”
Here are all my actors in the content folder >>>

@SupportiveEntity … Ok, I’ve made one thing different from tutorial and finally I reached a very singular and funny situation, but at least now it’s moving :slight_smile: I’ve changed this parameter “Physic Type” from Kinematic (as tutorial say) to Default.
The problem now is: >>> Why it’s moving like this?
A - almost zero velocity
B - very veeeery slow delayed input feedback
C - Rear wheels are inside the floor
D - All 4 wheels are rotating as a sphere, not as cilynder
E - Funny physics like as Car has almost no mass

Hey there @anonymous_user_6867fdaf! So there’s a-lot to unpack here so I’ll do it bit by bit. To start with the easiest one I already know the answer to, go to the wheels’ classes, and for the collision mesh set it to cylinder.

Next: Yes the wheel physics type should be default for standard sim cars, kinematic can be used in certain situations.

Your mass is in the 4 digit range right?

How’s your engine setup look?

May I see the animBP as well?

Hi @SupportiveEntity
taking occasion to thank you from all my soul, for this your precious help …
I answer yes to all these your questions, (even with setting-numbers as your images, it doesn’t work), and I’ll attach here all my set-up. Every image is named as relative content.
I hope is all the important stuff in order to discover whatz the problem, but of course let me know if you need any other thing >>>

I found these two tutorials
Free Good:

And pay but extensive deep explanation:

Hi all,

Thanks for sharing @mattano but those are tutorials for the original vehicle system. New in 5.0 are ‘Chaos Vehicles’

Also, the tutorial that SupportiveEntity posted is good, but is from an earlier version. I always share this tutorial with anyone learning Chaos Vehicles.

One fundamental idea is that the wheel meshes are not what the system is using for ground collisions. (It’s just reading data from that wheel data asset) So if your wheel is sinking into the ground, ‘Wheel Radius’ might be to blame.

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Thanks! I got a stack, in the importing car process, so I made a thread