How get access to Get rotation at time of RailSplineComponent in BP

Hi everyone, im having an issue with a BP of class Camera Rig Rail, I need to access its rotation along the spline, but i get this error

CameraRig_Rail.RailSplineComponent is not blueprint visible (BlueprintReadOnly or BlueprintReadWrite). Please fix mark up or cease accessing as this will be made an error in a future release. Get RailSplineComponent

I tried to make a custom c++ class, but in doing so i broke the project, so no C++ for me.

I also made a complete clone from the ground of actor class (meshes included), but then i cant get the transform of the platform to inherit to attached components

I’d be grateful for any help.

I don’t understand; are you trying to get the rotation of a Camera Actor or component, or of a certain point along the Spline?

Im trying to rotate the camera along the spline, and that the camera follows the spline and rotates along it, like a car in a roller coaster. To do that i need to get the rotation along spline at time. Im not making a sequence but a gameplay mechanic.

I can do it if a do a clean blueprint, with the same component structure of the camera rig rail, but then if i attach another actor to my BP, it doesnt inherit the transform of the component i want and i must do some interfacing for them to work together.

ok so the camera is following the spline rotation just fine but other actors and components that move with the camera are not?

The camera moves along the spline, but doesnt rotate along with it. Here, maybe an image will make it easier to understand. The black/gray rail is the camera rig rail, the blue one is my BP made from scratch with lots of interfacing just to debug it.

The approach that works best for me has been to give the camera a separate rail, and dont attach it to anything else, and just give it the same time param as the thing it is following.

That wont work for what im doing since i need a modular system that can keep track of an actor. but no necessarily pointing directly at it nor always be movable.

The current implementation works exactly as i want, but i want to make it a little less convoluted for anyone else that might use it.

But you made an idea pop in my head, i’ll prototype it