How does one get to develop and test for PSVR ?

While of course I’d need to get dev kits and blah blah from Sony, I am puzzled about how to develop and test with PSVR HMD :confused:

Would the game/app have to be deployed to PSVR every time it needs to be tested in VR (kinda like what we do for Gear VR now) or PC connects to PSVR directly and all development can be done on PC exclusively ?


I’m interested in this too. I’m not looking to necessarily release content to public, but run presentations on it so it’s alright if it won’t run on consumer consoles.

Become a Sony developer so they send you ps4 devkits. and then convince them to get you psvr devkits. Once you have that, you email Epic Games and they check with Sony to make sure you ARE registered as a sony developer, then they will get you the code for ps4 and psvr.
For the time being, you can develop your game using an HTC Vive, or just emulate a psvr by using the motion controllers PSMove and using a VR headset with them like a DK2, that will get you real close. Its what im doing myself.
About how does one test and stuff, im not sure if you can use psvr in the pc, but you would clikc “Launch” in the editor and it will automatically launch your game into the ps4 devkit you have configured and connected to the PC.

vblenco, Could you tell me something more about the process?
I know i have to make account in companyregistration and i will get ps4 devkit and unity? but…
what exactly i have to do next to make my own indie app for PS VR?

Help me :slight_smile:

They need to aprove you first, and give you the greenlight for your game. And even then you gotta buy the devkits yourself. Once you are a registered ps4 developer, you can tell epic that and they give you access to PS4 exclusive code.

There’s no official way to use a PSVR on PC. An unofficial way is under way, but has no positional tracking yet (this is going to be tricky, since it’s software-based). If you are a licensed PS4 developer, you can launch directly from the editor on the PS4 devkit/testkit via a network connection. When configured properly, this is actually quite faster than deploying to Android (the PS4 deployment involves literally copying files into a network folder, so if set things so only modified content is deployed you get very short iteration times).

But as vblanco said, you can use PC headsets like the Vive or Rift to test your VR content. It isn’t that much different.