How does one create a blinding white light?

Hey! I’m a game development student that’s fixing some issues with a project based on some feedback.

At the end of this level, the player opens a door to the outside world. The player walks into the blinding, white light to finish the level.

I’ve made an image comparing the how the scene currently looks to a mockup of my end goal:

I currently just have a level transition triggered by walking into a solid white box that has a material with emission. However, there’s a distinct border that shows us where the set ends and the box begins:

When the player walks into the box, you can see them clipping through it:


How would one achieve something closer to the mockup I created?

So, you want the player to fade from view? Or you want the white light to increase in intensity until it spills over the screen?

Using lumen I’d imagine?

Try Depth Fade:


I’m getting there!

However, upon attempting to compile this, I get this error:

“The current material has compilation errors, so it will not render correctly in feature level SM6. Are you sure you wish to continue?”

I’ve noticed that “Opacity” is greyed out, is there anything I’m missing?

You have to set the Blend Mode to Translucent.

Thank you so much!

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