How does different lighting mobility affect glass material

I have been building this indoor enclosed game environment, so there is no sky light nor directional light. Most light are rect light and occasional point light. The game play call for the light to be on and off when needed. and big part of the environment is made with glass material. I found that the glass react differently to different light mobility.

the way the material look under the material editor vs in the level under baked static high intensity light vs in the level under baked static low intensity light vs movable light.

i found in low light intensity, the glass lose the texture appearance and only the opacity aspect of the material is left. what i want to achieve now is to have the environment light intensity low to start out and preserve the glass texture and later turn the light on. The only way i found how to achieve that is to pre-compute the light and adjust the global illumination when we need the light turn off. However, this method control a large volume instead of precise location within the environment.

so my question is how can i achieve preserving the glass texture and yet being able to turn the light intensity high and low without the look of the glass being affected? what is the best approach??