How do you watch the Animation Blueprint in Runtime / Realtime?

How do you watch the Animation Blueprint in Runtime/Realtime ? I have both the viewport and Animation Blueprint open on screen, but coming from Morpheme, I’m used to watching these Animation blueprints show in real time what state they are currently in / transitioning too?

Anyone? :smiley:

I thought it would just be the case of a simple check-box but I’m really missing something silly here I think.
Coming from Morpheme, it was just ON by default, and whatever you did in the view-port window, would be relative to that state in the AnimationBP LIVE, but whilst the Animation BP does say “Simulating” it does not show changing states when it should be?

Try selecting the respective character instance in the “Debug Filter”:

Hey EvilCleric, sorry I never saw your reply. I’ve tried everything I can think of :frowning: I can select in the debug filter the “Third Person BP”, the Idle highlights, but when I push Jump on the controller, “Idle” is still highlighted, and it does not transition in the simulation Anim_BP to “JumpStart” ?

I do notice that when I press “Play”, the highlighted Idle disappears?

I presume you’ve figured this out by now (2 years later), but for others/future reference, you need to pick the correct item in the Debug Filter on the Anim Graph BP page while the simulation is running.

What if I don’t have any other option in the Debug Filter other than “No debug object selected”???
I just need the Preview Instance, but I am unable to select it.

Any ideas?

You need to have PIE running then you can choose whatever has “spawned” in the debug object dropdown menu. It should remember that object once you end PIE for the next time round.

Thanks, I was able to see what state I was in after selecting my character in debug filter!