How do you use Vertex Fog in mobile? (new in 4.14)

In the release notes for 4.14 it says:

New: Mobile vertex fog is now a project option. - It can now be enabled or disabled regardless of Mobile HDR project setting.

So I can see the project option but how do you actually get it in your level? Or is the atmospheric fog just vertex fog automatically?

Or does it need to be specified in the material of an object?

Orrr is it only on translucent materials?

Hey gelliott,

I never made vertex fog on mobile work in 4.14, but in 4.15 it definitely works. It needs the “ExponentialHeightFog” present in the level and the project setting; Engine - Rendering / “Disable vertex fogging in mobile shaders” set to false.
The fog should then be visible in mobile preview rendering level and builds.

Just thought I’d let you know.