How do you upload a car to UE 4.15.1

Hello, I’m making a car racing game using UE 4.15. Right now I’m a beginner. Anyways, I’m using blender for the modelling of cars and other things. I tried to import a car model of a BMW M5 or M6 that I download from Car 3D Models for Free - Download Free 3D · But when I import it comes a bunch of pieces and when I put it together, it falls apart.So can someone help me putting cars in the game, which is the main part.

  • Download model in Autodesk (.fbx)
  • Extract archive to take youf fbx
  • Import the file inside unreal engine
  • In the setting durning import disable “Skeletal Mesh” and enable “Combine Meshes”

After import you found all materials you need to controll your car, but probably when you try to place it in the game world you dont see it, becouse of scale it realy little. Caused that UE4 using centimeters and probably this models was made in metres our incs. In my case I think is was in incs so I uniformly scaled the model by 20 e vuala.


I Don’t raccomand to use this models for game becouse is too high poly for games. Our you need to work hard to make a low poly in you 3d software our if you place 20 cars in same scene only people with newest poerfull video cards can play this game


Hey Heaven,

Do you have a copy or direct link to the model? Sometimes when you download free models online they aren’t made to work directly with software, like unreal. However if I can get my hands on the actual model I can give you a better idea on what to do to solve this issue you are experiencing as well as give you a proper pipeline to use when adding these types of assets to your game. And just so you know if the car will be animated (doors open, wheels turn, etc) you will need to create a skeletal for it. The process below is better suited for a static mesh with many different parts to be combined as one. Like a building with walls and windows and doors that share materials. Here is a link that should be very useful for your car asset pipeline

Blender is a great tool for preparing the assets before importing. Some things to consider in your pipeline when adding 3D models you did not design yourself are smoothing normals and LODs. Personally i’m not an avid blender user so I am unable to tell you exactly how to do it.

If your content in using the assets you currently have now, have you tried creating a BP with all the parts as components attached to sockets on a main body?

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This is like to one of the models: 1967 Shelby Ford Mustang · free 3d model · After checking out the like you gave me I think that the reason might be that the models don’t have joints and so they break apart. However, they are in one piece. And again Thanks.