How do you turn on vsync for the editor?

How do you turn on vsync for the editor/level. My monitor is at 60 htz but the level preview is clamming 118 fps. How can I lock this to 60 fps or even 30 fps? Right now my vid card is pumping out a lot of heat when it doesn’t need to. Yes, at some point I will need/want to know what max FPS is but for 99% of the time I need my system to run cool. I would love it if I could cap the frame rate to 30 fps until I need a full speed test. Is there any way to do this?


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Press the tilde key and type “t.MaxFPS 30”
Replace 30 with 60 or whatever frame rate you want it locked to.

You can make the change persistent by adding “t.MaxFPS=30” under the [Startup] section of the console variables ini file (config/ConsoleVariables.ini).

More info here.


Thank you, this is exactly what I needed!

Big thanks for answering this question

I put t.MaxFPS=30 into the config/ConsoleVariables.ini of the Engine (5,1) and then I went into the editor and input stat fps into the console, and the fps is still around 80.

Am I doing something wrong, or has the way to do this changed?

this console command works for me on ue 5.1, it limits the editor fps but I believe vsync is still off as there is still bad screen tearing

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Try r.VSyncEditor = 1 to prevent the tearing.


So just in case anyone else has been wondering, I’ve found other sources where people are saying you can add this to the DefaultEngine.ini file under [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] but that wasn’t working for me. Instead I had to add r.VSyncEditor=1 to the ConsoleVariables.ini file. (for me it was here: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.3\Engine\Config)