How do you setup a material using a texture atlas that scrolls only over a portion of the UV space?

This might be a really silly question. But let’s say you are using a texture “atlas” method to store similar types of textures. For example, let’s say I have an atlas off all of the different signs in an environment. So, When I make a sign object, I would place the UVs for that object over the appropriate sign in whatever modeling program I’m using.

What if the sign needs a scrolling texture, like the signs made up of small LEDs that allow a message to scroll along. Is there a way to have that sign texture be in the atlas, and have the UVs scroll over just that portion of space?

You can, you need to use a mask texture that hides everything but that particular part of the sign.

Here is some info on it, as well as an additional tool for photoshop :slight_smile:

Edit: If you are using photoshop CS6 you might have to rename the CEA tool so there are NO spaces in the file names. itll still work, just make sure you remove all spaces :slight_smile:
This is something an Admin should tell epic, so they can provide a fix.

Edit2: Since I updated the CEA tool to be used with newer versions of photoshop, I just uploaded it to dropbox: Dropbox - CropEAssist.7z - Simplify your life (7z is like winzip/winrar)

Awesome, thank you very much!