How do you set the overall brightness down abit via blueprint?


It’s seems so easy in my head to lower the brightness a bit in my scene but it look impossible to do…
I’m trying to make a interaction screen like in the resident evil series where the player can interact with things and then some text pop up on screen but the brightness goes down a bit and then back to normal.

Is it possible? I already got the UI working with the text but the screen is too bright still.

I sure Hope there is a way to get around this.

Just use a fullscreen half opacity black overlay underneath your text.

Hey Davek,

Could you be a little bit more precise on how your would be doing this?
I can’t seem to find the black overlays… You mean to put something in the z order behind my text that would reduce the opacity right?

Exactly. I used Border in UMG to achieve this. Just set its BG color and you’re done.

Sweet! It works:) thx a million!

No worries mate, glad I could help.

Would you also accept the answer so that its marked as resolved and potentially help others ?