How do you run on ios from xcode

No problem!

I have seen this post iOS breakpoints? - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums but the only option in the drop down is for “MyMac”. Am I missing something or is there now no way to direct launch from xcode to ios now ? I am trying to launch to an iPhone SE and it works fine from the editor but I can’t debug that way. I am using a modified version of the C++ third person template for mobile. Thanks for the help !

Also the entire purpose of trying to launch from xcode is because my game crashes as soon as I call CreateWidget when run on ios. If i need to ask a new question for that I will but any help on that as well would be greatly appreciated.

Where you see MyMac you should also see the name of your project directly to the left of it. Select that and a drop down should appear that includes the menu option Edit Schemes. Select Edit Schemes and change from Development Editor to Development. You should now be able to hit MyMac and provided your device is connected to your Mac it should appear in the list as a launch option.

omg thank you ! I knew it was something obvious that I was just missing.