How do you replicate random values?


I have an object in my game which spawns, and sets its own randomly timed fuse by using a Random Float in Range node.

The client and server both spawn an instance of this actor, and each actor ends up choosing a different random value. This causes a desync in events.

What is a good method for generating a random value which is the same for everyone playing?


Random Float in Range from Stream should do the job i think.

Brilliant! Worked on the first try. I can’t believe I overlooked this, it was in one of the blueprint quickshot tutorial videos I watched.


can you post that video?

It’s been awhile so I don’t know exactly which video. There’s not a ton of quickshots, one is probably called random numbers or something. I’m not home currently but if you search the unreal engine YouTube channel I’m sure you’ll find it.

Thanks, I’m going to use this for a game I plan to develop that will have the server and client synced (each instance will have the exact same simulation and just replicate the commands)