How do you reduce Lightmap Resolution?


How do you reduce light map resolution? Is it something to do with uv spacing?


Hi ergoproxy,

You can set the Lightmap Resolution of your mesh in the Static Mesh Editor under the Static Mesh Settings. The default in 64, which can be low for a medium or large sized mesh.

The Lightmap is just a texture size that is applied to your UV islands when lighting is built. So UV spacing does play a part in this. For instance, if you make a wall that has two sides, the front and the back, and you scale one size to be significantly smaller in this UV space the smaller one will have a significantly lower resolution shadow, because the UV islands are not sharing the texture space evenly. You can use the Lightmap Texel Density view in the Viewport > View Mode > Lightmap Texel Density.

I hope this helps.


Just what I was after thanks!