How do you properly setup Tiled Landscapes?

Seriously the most frustrating thing to figure out as the “level streaming” tutorials out there do not really touch this.

My Workflow:
Export Tiled Landscape from World Machine -> Create new level in UE and save new level -> Enable World Composition -> Open Levels window and Import Tiled Landscape
Highlight all Levels under Persistent Level and load all the tiles.

After doing that I now have:

Now if I save and then try to load the map none of the tiles will actually load, I will have to go back into the levels window and re-load the tiles.

I have made a LevelStreamingVoume made it go around the entire landscape and if you look at the screenshot above I cannot add elements to the Streaming Levels (Under Details tab)

If anyone can help me you would be a life saver as I’ve been battling with this for such a long time.

Unreal Version being used: 4.13.2 (Will be upgrading to 4.14 when it comes out of preview)

Really hoping someone can help!

I have been wondering about this as well, if someone could assist with this question that would be very helpful.

Is this tutorial useful? Short and helpful for me.

Is this tutorial useful? Short and helpful for me.[/QUOTE]

Not quite :confused:

Yeah, I’m having the same problem. If anyone has a solution I’m down to hear it.

Still needing help with this.

I’m actually kinda surprised how hard this is. You’d think Unreal would have something built in that’s easier to use for level streaming.

Are you running it for multiplayer? I noticed that for my project, I have to specify to load the levels manually in blueprints. I’m currently utilizing a blueprint that has an “On Enter” event with a variable that contains the name of the streaming level.

Yeah, it’s going to be a multiplayer online game with a map approximately the size of DayZ Chenarus. It’s going to definitely need level streaming.

Can you explain what the blueprint with an “on enter” variable does?

Yeah sure, I’ll quickly get you a screenshot of the blueprint (I’ll edit it in here), basically I made a blueprint actor that has a collision box (only for overlapping) and once the player overlaps that box (or area), the blueprint would play an “On Enter, or Overlap” event which would load the Streaming level. It’s a bit of a broken concept so you’d have to build upon it, but it works for me. There might be a few more things that you’d have to edit like delayed start, etc.


This would technically be used for more advanced things like opening a door and loading the interior of a building. You could probably load the beginning streaming level (where the player spawns) in the Level Blueprint.


What do you mean broken concept ? :wink:

I’m nowhere near ready myself to start anything MP, but knowing I will later, did DOCS guide you this far, if not where did this come from as ‘necessary’ vs doc guidance ?


I am sure it would have been posted here already if there was but does anyone have a tutorial video link or something covering this level satreaming I could watch?

Yeah, I’d love to see some videos on tiled landscape streaming. Still running around trying to Google how to do this :slight_smile:

Hey guys,
We don’t use streaming volumes or anything like that when using world composition. You basically just load the world composition viewer and set the streaming distance for each level. You right click levels to assign them a streaming distance. You can just make one group and assign it to everything. You shouldn’t need to do any script or volumes or anything like that as its meant to stream things automatically based on their bounds.

Re: maps not being loaded when you load the editor. Yes this was a pain for us too while working on the kite demo. Every single new person who came on the project would email me asking why the level was black even after we had sent everybody instructions saying they needed to load levels manually so that wasnt fun. I recall we had a bug about it but I can’t seem to track it down.

So first you press + to add a layer. Give it a distance. 100k = 1km.

Then you should see your streaming layer:

Then you just right click levels and assign a layer to use that distance.

For most things you should be able to just use one layer or distance for everything. That should be it. You can generate LOD for entire level chunks by summoning level details, setting number of LODs to something >0 and pressing generate. You also can control the distance for which the LOD is visible there:

Thank you for the reply Ryan

how does the work flow go with a tiled landscape from world machine though?

those volumes and whatnot automatically load when i load the tiles

I think Simplygon will do the level streaming for you, but it’s pretty pricey even at 2% of sales for the indie license.

Are there any other Unreal plugins or programs like Simplygon that aren’t as expensive?

Hey Ryan, thank you for the reply to the thread but like Judd said, how do you use this with something like world machine as they auto load. Any suggestions that help to resolve this question would be greatly appreciated.

I believe you guys will find this page helpful: