How Do you Prevent Player from sticking his VR head through everything?

Does anybody have any suggestions on strategies to prevent player from having a bad experience by sticking his head through walls, inside other characters, through vehicles etc. ?
I know how to do this with a regular 3d game that is not VR but not sure what the best approach for VR is.

It is impossible to prevent. To discouraged players from doing it you could for example fade to black when the camera enter a “forbidden” volume.

Thats not true, you can retain full world collision and you get a “pushing the world away from you” effect. Some get motion sickness from it but many do not. Takes some work to achieve though if you want it in BP only and without plugins.

Honestly I was skeptical this would work well but after seeing it in-game I think this is actually the best approach. Even though the effect is a bit strange it sort of helps you feel like your head has a presence in the world, and the alternatives (blacking out the screen, doing nothing), aren’t really any better. Usually when it happens you’re going to be facing a wall or something large so it doesn’t seem like motion sickness would be a big problem.

The biggest problem with it is dealing with leaning over ledges, tables, uneven surfaces, etc. Disabling it per object gets tricky when you run into irregular objects (like large boulders or something) which might have lower parts you want to be able to lean over but also higher parts that you want the collision on. Still the best option though.

Can still blacken / darken edges of the screen during the push back as well.

The collision settings on the attached screenshot fixed the problem on walls and vehicles in my level.
It will block the camera from going through but now it will pop the camera or the entire character or
it will disorient me to look like I am pushing the object forward when I am really just pushing the camera back.
I like Havocx idea about fade to black. Maybe also with a warning telling him not to stick his head into things.

I will still need that hard collision to prevent him from climbing somewhere outside of the playable map.

Maybe a multi - layer blocking is the approach for objects that I don’t want the player to move with his head.
The outer layer fades the camera and an inner layer blocks him.

Any thoughts on that approach.


Can you tell me more about this approach?

At least this game is a slow stealth game. Imagine if the game was a timed challenge or he was being chased, and he tried going through that hole as fast as possible… ouch!

As someone who has played with this it definitely gives me motion sickness and I would steer clear of this method. I like the idea of fading to black.

Which is why using both at the same time is also an option.

Hell Hot dogs and horseshoes even moved over to using it instead of vision darkening. I also don’t know how your implementation worked but there are methods to smooth it out some.

Edit Though I will admit some people just can’t handle much of any outside movement at all in VR.

IMO if you’re inside a vehicle it’s a lot better. Car/planes are very nice in VR. Also forgot about google’s method of movement in google earth VR which I haven’t heard anyone complain about and I’ve shown a lot of people.

check this channel maybe, there are several videos related to VR collision issue: