How do you orient particles without using local space?

Here’s what I’m trying to achieve:
I’ve got a flamethrower that’s hosing around the environment. I want to leave behind char effects on various surfaces. (Embers, glowy patches, etc). I want the effects to appear on the surface of the objects, so they need to orient correctly.i.e the normal of the particle should be the normal of the surface.

Rather than spawning emitters at every location the flamethrower touches, it makes more sense to have an emitter that moves around with the impact point of the flamethrower, leaving particles behind as it goes. That means I need to have my particles in World Space, so they don’t get dragged along with the emitter as I move it.
But if I don’t use Local Space on the emitter, it ignores the orientation of the emitter when it creates the particles.

For bullet impacts, where we just spawn an emitter with splinters/sparks and a hole, I can use Local Space and orient the emitter so the bullet hole appears flush to the surface at whatever angle. That doesn’t work here, because then the char marks would move as I hose around the scene.
Initial rotation doesn’t work, because that’s just spin about the way it’s facing, Screen Alignment choices are all camera facing.

What I need seems to be a combination of particles living in World Space, but being able to control the facing like in local space. Is that just impossible?