How do you move an actor as a client?

I want to move an actor, which is an instanced blueprint. Moving actors around in the server window works, the object’s location gets correctly shown in the server window and the client window. I am unable to get it to work in from a client. What am I doing wrong?

These are the relevant blueprint parts:

Post a screen shot of the “defaults” setting of your blueprint. Is “Replicates” checked?

Sorry, I haven’t been on for a while. Yes, “Replicates” is checked.

What is executing the Enter node on your gate?

If you go back all the way to it’s origin it would be an Event Tick. Does it have to do with the fact that the client doesn’t have authority?

Is the Event Tick going through a Switch Has Authority as well?
(PS: Sorry for the super-delayed response)

No, the Event Tick doesn’t have a Switch Has Authority, should it have one?

Yep, I had a similar graph where forces were being triggered by an Event Tick on the actor. None of the client pawns were reacting until I ran the event tick through a Switch Has Authority.

My guess is that for a replicated actor, by default the Event Tick will be handled by the owner. In the case of your example, the actor is a pawn currently owned by the player so the Event Tick is by default being handled by the client. Adding the switch allows you to specify server behaviours that occur on the Event Tick which is what I believe you need.

what? is that true? what sort of magic is this :o

Sadly, this is not the solution for me, thanks for the suggestion though.