How do you make static meshes move

Im trying to find inputs to script to make static meshes move. I know you can skeletal meshes move but I want to know about static meshes. I haven’t found any tutorials on it. I just know how to make static meshes rotate but I want to know how to make them move forward. If anyone can help it would be very helpful.

:slight_smile: welcome to UE4 answerub! honestly, if I were you… I’d check out YouTube and google for tutorials on this kind of thing… I bet you’ll find a few that will show you fairly clearly… Most of UE4 basic things are covered there, if you are still having difficulty… people can help you with specific stuff here

you can either make them into a blueprint ir move them via the level blueprint. if you make them into a pawn or actor blueprint you should be able to use something like the move to location node, you will also probably need a nav mesh. the other option i can think of right now is to use a add offset on tick. in this case every tick you would add a offset in specified direction. one more way you could accomplish moving to a predefined location is to use a timeline that drives a set actor location. the timeline would drive the alpha on a lerp vector that results in moving from point a to point b over a set amount of time.

Hey there, you want the static meshes to move forward constantly of by input?

I’ve looked and there are some but when I try to find certain inputs like input axis forward node it doesn’t show up.

yes I do or the easiest way to make static meshes to move

On Tick event just Add world offset on the axis you want to move and it will continuously add movement in that direction. If you want to be frame accurate dont forget to multiply the value you add with delta seconds.

what else am I missing because its still not moving. I added the world offset

You need to supply how much you want to move, which is in the delta location parameter, right click it and do split. From that you can specify how much you want to move on a particular axis (usually X is forward in the world).

It’s like this (in your case keep the static mesh connected to the target) :


This will move 100 cm per second in the X axis.

Theres no input where I can change the number in order for the mesh to move. I right clicked and split did not come up. I dragged the line from delta seconds to delta location x. I know I’m missing one small step.

I gave you an example of what to do, but you need to split delta location like i mentioned.

I split the delta location but im trying to find the section where I can change the number and then I will be all set

Just multiply delta seconds with 100 and connect to X.

thanks I got it!

Did it work?

yes it worked thanks a lot

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excuse me but does frame rate accurate means if FPS drops I will get lower speed too, or it will be acruate to what frames are set only?