How do you make a VR 1st Person w/ option to switch to 3rd person?

Hi Everyone,

As stated above I want to make a level that is a VR 1st Person w/ the option to switch to 3rd person?

Has anyone tried to do this yet?

I’m thinking start with a 3rd person blue print and then attach the 1st person camera to the head and then
just create a button command that would let me switch back and forth between the two.

I’d go the other way: use the VR Template (first person) and put a new camera like in the third person template behind the character. But what you describe is basically the way to go :slight_smile:

Hmm… this is gonna be more complicated than I thought!

btengelh - I tried that but the 1st person template only has a pair of floating arms.

What I’m trying to do is have it so that if I’m in first person I can look down and around and see my arms and body. And if possible full character in a reflection and shadow.

I want to be able to switch to 3rd person whenever I want with the press of a button which would be better for playing platforming elements of my game level.

Also I’m hoping by having a full character I won’t have to do all my animation twice - for 3rd person and a 1st person rig

There’s got to be a way. I like the way both modes work on their own. I’m thinking creating a new Game mode that somehow integrates the functionality of both the 1st & 3rd person blueprints is the key.

I was talking about this:

Hi artbywaqas,

I belive the easiest way is having a first person character blueprint and a third person character blueprint (Or a Pawn, depending on what your game needs).

Both might have individual components (like Spring Arm), meshes, animations and most important input handling (like third person orbiting).

So when the time has come to switch from one to the other mode:

  1. Instanciate the new Pawn/Character with the other mode
  2. Unposses the current Pawn/Character and with that the current mode
  3. Give the new pawn all the data he needs to know (position, rotation, velocity, animation state, health, ammo etc. everything that needs to be the same as before and is saved in your pawn)
  4. Posses the new Pawn
  5. Delete the old Pawn
  6. Next Frame you will see from the eyes of the new Pawn’s camera

I hope this makes sense. If not just try to experiment with posses and unposses and you will get the idea.

The GameMode setting determines only the Pawn that is created and auto-possesed at a PlayerStart Actor when the level begins. That does not mean you have to use it all level long. I do not use this mechanic at all for my current project. You can also place a Pawn in your level and on Begin play you posses it from within your player controller, this is fully legitimately too.

Good Luck!

btengelh- Oh wow! I did not even know there was a VR template!?

Thanks for pointing it out to me! and and an even bigger thank you to mitchemmc for taking the time to create it!!

MarcelBlanck- Thanks for giving me some ideas on how to set this up!

I can’t wait to try this stuff out!