how do you make a sort of infinite skybox?

I know is common to see skyboxes on softwares like blender or ue4 where the basics are a sphere with a 360° sky material, but the thing is, i’ve seen some games where the sky really looks distant, i’m not quite sure if this is a visual trick of the clouds fading out on the horizon, or there is a way to make it without the typical sky sphere? something like this

It is explained in this article how the developers achieved that sky: The sky in Forza Horizon 3 is the real sky - here's how the makers did it

The other ways to fill the sky is simulation, like True Sky does using a plugin to be used in UE4, you can have that kinda of sky with some cost. They project their simulation rendering the cloud density simulation in the camera fustrum, the CPU is used for simulation and the density plotting into the sky with light effects are done in GPU.

Products like the one I sell at Marketplace uses procedural generation for density (we dont simulate weather) using GPU and also to plot the density and the light effects.

There are many ways to achieve this effect. However solutions like TruSky are very common in games.

thanks for the info, i also found this article from horizon zero dawn’s sky tech,…_Zero_Dawn.pdf impressive, this one seems to be a visual trick related to the clouds, the cloud here looks massive and distant, which makes the sky to look massive too, i’ll try truesky and take some notes from that

Yes, my approach to develop my asset was based on the work of the one made at Horizon Zero Dawn, since they used their own proprietary engine I had to come up with a solution for myself. or you can try out True Sky which is not a one time purchase, but a subscription based, each one has its own advantages