How do you make a scene capture 2d orthographic

How do you make a scene capture 2d orthographic?

Hey mdagreda,

You can change the Projection Mode of any camera in your game. By default, cameras are in Perspective, but you can change it to Orthographic in the Camera Settings section of the Details panel. Your main camera is likely attached to your character, so you may need to open that up to make the adjustment you’re looking for.

Hope that helps!

Ben Halliday

The “projection mode” property found in Cameras is not present in SceneCapture actors/components, at least in 4.1.

Hey ZoltanE,

You are correct, the SceneCapture components do not currently have that capability. I have entered a feature request into our database for the developers to look at. Thanks for your feedback! Would you mind describing the scenario you have in mind for this feature, so the developers can get a better idea what you’re looking for? Thanks!

Ben Halliday

I would also like to use the orthographic view capability with SceneCapture2d components. It would be helpful in creating interactable screens for puzzles or simple electronic devices that the characters might use, e.g. the mobile phone screens in GTA V. The same render texture is used both for the HUD widget and in-game phone screen. I can achieve the same result by carefully adjusting the lighting and projection angles etc., but it takes time and feels at odds with the general ease of use UE4 offers.

Cheers in advance!

Any update on the situation of SceneCapture2D thus far?

Hey Haswell,

The request is still being looked into as a possibility. I have updated the request (TTP# 335308) to indicate that there is still interest in the feature.

Is there any further update toward this situation. I’m interested in making a mini map through render targets, for a paper 2d game, which looks weird within perspective view.

Hi greenday21,

There has not been any movement on this feature request yet, but it is still in our backlog. I will update this post if there is any update.

Just adding another vote to this being a useful feature :slight_smile:

Me too, I would like to render a minimap with an orthographic SceneCapture2D. Please add this soon.

I too would love to see this feature. It would be very useful for map/minimap creation on dynamically created levels. Is there any other way to capture(a single frame is sufficient for a static maps) to a render target other then with a SceneCapture2D?

I think this feature would be really useful. I hope you can add this soon.

I’ve been using a scene capture component with field of view of 1 degrees, placed ~1 Km from the surface I want to capture. Works but setting it up is a pain.

Such far away actors won’t draw.

I also would like to have this feature.

I want this, too

Hey, I just wanted to check in Ben and see the timeline on this feature and if it will make it for 4.8? It seems like many users have been asking about this over the past year and it’s definitely a much needed feature. On one of the games I am working on, I actually need something like this today specifically for a minimap. Fingers crossed but any hope for this soon?

Hey Ben, over one year ago you entered this as a feature request, is there any update on this? Or could you describe why it’s hard to implement?

any news on this?

I’m also needing this feature.

I need a topdown capture of my terrain (supporting capturing the scene depth), and using a far away camera with low FOV either causes useless scene depth, or has enough perspective to make it not top down enough